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I’m Niobe.

A Brit living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

I photograph, draw and write about my life living abroad.

You’ll find features about:
living sustainably and well  
the highs and lows of life abroad
travel itineraries and candid reflections on trips away
my favourite veggie and vegan eats at home, in Hanoi and beyond

September’s Might Do List

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know I like to make a ‘Might Do List‘ at the start of each month. A no pressure, no expectation list of some lovely bits and bobs I’d achieve if this month

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Living Lately – August 2020

What is it Taylor says, ‘August slipped away into a moment in time… like a bottle of wine’. Couldn’t agree more, Tay. It’s somehow flown by but the end of July feels like a distant memory! It’s mad that it’s

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Con Dao

A Postcard from Con Dao

Con Dao was our final destination this summer, so here we have my last ‘Postcard from…’ as a result of this holiday. It’s been a great one! Read the rest of my postcards here (but obviously read this one first!) 

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