My 30 Before 30 List

Last month, I turned 27. I’m in my LATE TWENTIES now?! How did that happen? It only feels like a couple of years ago I was still in my uni house getting ready for my third night out of the week. Actually – somehow – it’s 6 years ago, and I’ve been an actual adult in charge of my own life for a long time now. Crazy.

As I write that, I realise that actually, I’ve achieved a hell of a lot in that time. Far too much for it to have just been ‘a couple of years ago’. Time is a funny thing.

Anyway, now I’m getting old (!) and have 3 years of my twenties left, I thought I’d compile a 30 before 30 list: goals I aim to achieve before I hit that milestone. Some are certainly ambitious (I don’t think I can run 1km right now), but I’d say they’re achievable given I have over 1000 days to get cracking on these!

Travel + Adventure

I’m fortunate to have done loads of travel in my twenties and have loved it. Here are my travel goals for the next few years:

1. Move to another new country
2. Travel to 6 continents
3. Scuba dive
4. Ski
5. Climb a mountain
6. Go on a solo travel trip
7. Go on a well-known multiple day hike


I’ve been vegetarian now for almost 5 years and haven’t looked back. Now, I’m trying to take that further.

8. Become vegan (I’m on the way!)
9. Create some of my own vegan recipes to share with others


God this section terrifies me a bit. But I’ve spent over half of my life now feeling unfit, and I’d just quite like to feel strong and healthy sometime soon!

10. Run a half marathon
11. Do a handstand
12. Become the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been
13. Practise yoga or pilates regularly
14. Find a sport or exercise I love


I love to have extra projects on the side, so most of these aren’t linked with my current role.

15. Have articles published in a magazine
16. Have illustrations published in a magazine
17. Establish what my ideal job is, and do what I can to get there
18. Design and sell a product again (I used to sell greetings cards & mugs. Scroll back a long way on my instagram and you’ll find some!)
19. Meet my savings goal OR buy a property


I feel like some of these are fundamental basics that I should have learnt a long time ago…

20. Become confident shooting in manual mode
21. Learn how to change a tyre
22. Learn how to knit and create something of use
23. Learn to meditate
24. Build something myself


A few things I’d like to do for the wider good.

25. Organise a regular community meet up
26. Volunteer either regularly or for a long time
27. Contribute actively to the sustainability cause
28. Foster or adopt a pet
29. Streamline my wardrobe and stop over-purchasing clothes

And finally…

30. Do something that terrifies me

So there we have my 30 before 30 list! What are your goals? Before your next ‘big’ birthday, before you the end of the year or distant pipe dreams?!

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