A Postcard from Con Dao

Con Dao was our final destination this summer, so here we have my last ‘Postcard from…’ as a result of this holiday. It’s been a great one! Read the rest of my postcards here (but obviously read this one first!) 

When we first set off on our 3 week trip from north to south, Con Dao wasn’t even on my radar, let alone my bucket list. It was just a name I’d (rarely) heard thrown into conversation. But as friends visited this southern island and shared photos and thoughts, my interests piqued. Fortunately, our plans were fairly flexible and we were able to rearrange the last few days of our trip. We had to be back in Hanoi on a certain date to move to our new apartment, but we managed to head to Con Dao for 2 nights and I am so, so glad we did. It’s firmed itself up in my top 3 destinations in Vietnam and I hope to return for a longer period of time at some point! Here’s my postcard from Con Dao…

Con Son island – a small speck on the map that hangs by my bed, yet the largest of the Con Dao archipelago that lies in the South China Sea. Almost covered by a National Park, except a small town, this is a place of beauty, of turquoise waters and sandy beaches, of craggy rocks and pebbled coves, of mountains engulfed by trees overlooking the calm waves below. One coastal road takes you along the coast, but won’t take you around the whole island. There’s a beauty in getting to the end, turning round and seeing the same route in reverse. Hills your motorbike struggled to climb the first time are now a slide to roll down.

Con Dao

Monkeys watch on as you meander along, birds and bats flutter around above, but the turtles are the main attraction. Speed by boat to a smaller isle to release these babies into the water. Explore the extraordinary coral below the sea’s surface. Join fish the colour of electric sparks as you glide through water that’s calm, gentle – almost soft. Con Dao is a place of natural beauty, of tropical wildlife and an ecosystem that reminds us of what we must protect. This is nature.  

Where’s the place you felt most surrounded by nature? Let me know in the comments or on instagram!

Con Dao

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In Con Dao, we stayed at a wonderful boutique hotel called Villa Maison. The staff are wonderful, the beds comfortable, the food is good and – unless you’re willing to fork out for Six Senses (definitely out of my price range!) – it’s one of the best hotels on the island.

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