A Postcard from Hue

A Postcard from Hue

I’m feeling very lucky that I can travel round Vietnam this summer, with no restrictions (bar leaving the country) and enjoy seeing some beautiful places. Covid has hit the global economy hard and Vietnam’s industries have suffered. Hotel chains have some great deals on to attract resident tourists and we are making the most of this. It’s not the summer back home I expected, but it has its perks. In a country so reliant on tourism, I think it’s important to do my bit… and if that means lots of holidays, then so be it. Here are some words about part 2 of our summer tour round Vietnam: Hue.

Hue, we didn’t see much of your centre. Your impressive imperial city with it’s prestigious temples and grounds drew us away one day. Out of the imperial city, beautiful tombs and pagodas are interspersed between homes, even in the more rural areas.

That’s where we were: in a valley beneath the mountains and hills. A place designed for wellness and calm – just what I needed. Hot springs and Onsen spa baths to cleanse my body and mind. High ropes and a 560m zip line to get that adrenalin pumping. Forest, plants, lotus flowers bobbing on the lakes. Dragonflies perching on rocks as I lie in the almost-too-hot water, wincing with the heat before appreciating its warmth. A place designed for wellness that helped me to relax.

Hue Hot Springs

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We stayed at Fusion’s Alba Wellness Resort which currently has a post-corona deal if you’re in Vietnam right now! 🙂

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