A Postcard from Mai Chau

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent the first few days of July in Mai Chau, a rural village in Hoa Binh province just a few hours drive from Hanoi. Here are some words about the trip.

Green everywhere, in every shade. Dark mountains, murky paddies, bright banana leaves. Flowers and plants I don’t recognise (because I’ve never really cared) now capture my attention like a venus fly trap capturing its prey. Nature everywhere: I’m surrounded. After months in the city it’s a literal breath of fresh air. Nothing to do, nowhere to be except here and now.

Gazing at the view, painting the view, cycling through the view. “Hallo!” shouted as we wander the paths. “Football?” asked as we cycle past. A brief kick around on a dusty floor with children beaming from ear to ear as they effortlessly dribble the ball around me. The butterflies flutter by, the trees waft in the breeze. We rest, tired from a long term, but take in this green and natural place.

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Many of these photos were taken from the lovely Mai Chau Ecolodge. I can also recommend the Little Mai Chau Homestay if you’re looking for somewhere cheaper.

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