Living Lately – August 2020

What is it Taylor says, ‘August slipped away into a moment in time… like a bottle of wine’. Couldn’t agree more, Tay. It’s somehow flown by but the end of July feels like a distant memory!

It’s mad that it’s the end of August?! Days here in Hanoi are still thick with heat and heavy storms still appear out of no where. Soon that will settle and it will be my favourite time of year again. Autumn here brings clear skies, gentle breezes and warm – but not hot – weather. So whilst I’m very much looking forward to not being a sweaty mess after 5 mins of walking anywhere, it does just feel strange that we’re nearly there already. 

It’s late morning on the 30th August as I write this. I’m sitting in The Eastern & Oriental Tea Room (a fave) and I’m tired. Really tired. The last couple of weeks have been full on and I think I need to start properly mapping out my days/weeks/months and managing my time a bit better! Let’s take a look back at August…

Twelve Days of Calm

The first few days of August were still part of my summer holidays. We moved to a new apartment at the very end of July, so early August was spent setting up, enjoying it, having people over and obviously buying new plants! I also realised these couple of weeks were the first fortnight off work I’ve had in one city in several years, so it was good to just chill out, mooch around coffee shops, and wander round the new neighbourhood!

Back to Work

That was certainly the calm before the storm. Despite this being the start of my SIXTH year teaching (how?!), no matter how chilled or busy my summer hols are, it’s always a shock to the system heading back to work. I’m not complaining at all, but the beginning of the new academic year is always a stressful time and you have to be so switched on to get everything done/be firm but fair with a new class/have your expectations really clear etc. I miss my relaxing mornings!

Starting New Habits

One thing I am enjoying about my mornings is starting new habits – and, so far, sticking to them! Despite the fact my alarm is set probably earlier than it ever has been before, the fact I have a routine I’m sticking with and that I’m not rushing sets my day up nicely. I’m incorporating a walk or run, some calm time, getting ready, a bit of journalling and breakfast (obvs) into my routine. It’s been almost 3 weeks but I’ll give it a bit longer (to see if I can really stick to it) before I share any more!

Magazine Feature!

Eeeek this is a big one! A few months ago, I was commissioned by UK magazine The Simple Things to write a piece for their ‘My City’ feature. This is a 5 page piece full of words and pictures about – you guessed it – the city the writer lives in. I was thrilled about the opportunity and set to work marching around Hanoi on hot June days capturing scenes and tapping away to get the piece finished. It’s just been released (in the September edition ‘Touch’) and I’m really pleased with it! It was so great to have the chance to share my musings on Hanoi with a wider audience than my instagram/blog reach and hopefully it’ll entice people to visit Hanoi once restrictions are eventually lifted!

The summer holidays feel so long ago, and I feel like the last couple of weeks have been super hectic. However, I’ve enjoyed some lovely moments of calm on walks, in cafes and in my new home. 

Hope you all had a lovely August!

N x

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