August’s Might Do List

In case you didn’t read my previous Might Do List post, the idea behind these is to take the pressure off. Tasks on to do lists sometimes pile up, leaving us feeling annoyed, disappointed or anxious at the end of the day/week/month when we haven’t achieved everything on it. Might do lists are a lovely way of noting down some ideals for the time ahead while acknowledging that it’s a-ok if you don’t tick everything off. Why not make one of your own? Let me know if you do!

How have we got to August already!? Time’s a funny old thing, isn’t it? This year – with all its quirks – seems to be going on forever, and yet as we reach each new month I’m baffled by how we’ve got there so fast.

It’s been 3 months since I last published a might do list. A whole quarter of a year ago. At that time, lockdown had recently ended in Vietnam and so the last 3 months have been a wonderful time of relishing in the comfort that:

  • that pesky virus wasn’t around here
  • we could go to restaurants and bars without a mask
  • we could travel around the country with ease
  • although I was a long, long way from home, I was in a much safer place here after Vietnam’s efforts of controlling COVID

Unfortunately, we are now experiencing a second wave which begun around a week ago. So far, we’re encouraged to socially distance, wear masks and people who have been in the main ‘hub’ need to isolate. Of course, I’m hoping this will be the limit of restrictions, but I know that the way Vietnam controlled it last time was through locking down quickly.

All that being said, this list is definitely a ‘might do list’ rather than a ‘to do list’! Some of my ideas for the next month rely on me being able to get out of the house (which hopefully I’ll be able to do!), but if we are all asked to isolate again, I’ve got lots to keep me busy at home too (including a TBR pile that’s almost as tall as me)! I’ve got another week or so off work during which I’m excited to get started on some new bits. I’m definitely seeing the new academic year and our new apartment as a fresh start!

August’s Might Do List:

  • explore some of the coffee shops and restaurants in my new neighbourhood
  • get back onto the couch to 5k plan
  • continue with the meditation I started whilst we were away and try to do it every day (I’m following the intro sessions on the Calm app at the moment)
  • get photos from the last 12 months printed and put my scrapbook together
  • create a gallery wall for the new flat
  • plan my final few assignments for my journalism course and get the next 2 completed
  • go on regular walks by West Lake
  • eat healthily! I’m feeling a bit puffy round the edges after 4 weeks of hotel breakfasts!
  • enjoy cooking some new vegan recipes – my pinterest boards are filling up with some delicious meals and treats!
  • buy some plants for the bedroom and bathroom
  • carry on the regular painting I’ve been doing throughout July
  • get stuck into planning some of the projects I’ve dreamt up recently
  • enjoy seeing friends as much as I can while we can!
  • continue listening to Taylor’s Folklore on repeat pretty much all day everyday (anyone else?!)

What are your plans for August? Any lovely days out planned? Recipes you want to make? Self-development habits you want to get stuck into? Let me know in the comment section or send me a DM on instagram!

Whatever you do – or don’t do – this month, I hope August is good to you! Enjoy it 🙂

Niobe xx

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