December’s etc. round up

It’s been an exciting month, since I’ve spent about half of December in New Zealand driving round in a camper van with my boyfriend Oli. I’ll give you the low down here!


A couple of cafes from Hanoi from the start of December:


A newly opened patisserie in Tay Ho, Pema serves up delicious coffee and hot chocolate alongside creamy and light pastries, just as you’d expect. The decor is light and bright, the cakes are tasty and I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back for more!

Maison de Marou

Marou is an iconic chocolate in Hanoi; the Lindt of Vietnam! I’d never visited Maison de Marou before though, termed by the company as the Cacao Embassy. It was bright and beautifully decorated for Christmas, and has a number of hot chocolates on the menu to accompany some truly decadent cakes and pastries. You can also find out how the chocolate is made and watch some of the process as you enjoy your drink and develop that frothy milk moustache. 

And my NZ faves:

George’s Beach Club, Raglan

Delicious food and a beach vibe. I’ll probably do a blog post about George’s soon, but in short, it’s great.

Osteria, Taupo

Belonging to a small chain of family-run Italian restaurants, Osteria was a stab in the dark in rainy Taupo, but we lucked out. They had a veggie menu (always a bonus) and after a long and busy first day in NZ we were ready to eat a lot! The pumpkin, ricotta and feta cannelloni was delicious – isn’t anything with that much cheese? I also really enjoyed the tomato and basil arancini. 

Fergburger and Ferg Gelateria, Queenstown

A NZ right of passage it seems! The queues for Fergburger were long but worth it. More on that in a separate post I reckon!


It’s obviously been a big month for travelling, and what a trip it’s been! There’s far too much to talk about and I’ll be doing it over several blog posts. What I will say is that if NZ isn’t on your bucket list, it needs to be! This country is beautiful, exciting, peaceful, wild… so many things. In fact, we’re looking into how we could move here. That’s how much we’ve fallen in love with NZ! Many, many more posts to come including our itinerary, planning your trip, bucket list experiences and of course foodie hotspots.

Just some of my favourite spots:

Camping by Lake Pukaki

Epic views of Wanaka on a Christmas Day hike

Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park

More posts about NZ and my other travels can be found here.


Pretty simple this month! I’ve been writing a journal each day we’ve been here, adding doodles with some new brush felt pens I picked up in Hanoi. It’s a great way to look back on what we did each day and I’m sure I’ll keep it a long time!

Lots of photos too. I’ve been enjoying using my new Go Pro and testing out the different accessories. I now seem to have hours of footage to go through, but I’m looking forward to reliving some of the trip that way!

It’s been a great month! I hope you’ve had a good December too, and Happy New Year!

Niobe x

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