Keep Smiling

So guys, I’ve got to the end of my first week working from home. I’ve survived, I’ve not gone insane (yet) and I haven’t eaten too many crisps.

Yes, there have been tears. Yes, my boyf has irritated me a lot. Yes, I think I’ve possibly irritated him even more.

But with all this crazy situation and the negativity that surrounds it, I’ve had waves of positivity too. I’ve found that there are lots of things to smile about and I actually feel happy about certain aspects of this new (hopefully temporary) normal. It goes without saying that obviously the situation is shitty and I’m not by any means trying to tell people that being upset about it is wrong. It’s not, at all.

If you need to cry, cry.

If you need to be angry, be angry.

But if you can find a reason to smile, smile.

So, in a bid to share some happiness (as prompted by my tea bag), here are some reasons I’ve smiled this week:

  • I’ve had more time to read (another post on that coming soon, but here are some previous recommendations)
  • My sock drawer and toiletries drawer are now organised af and have never looked this good
  • The viral tweets that are coming out of this situation are hilarious (or maybe my standards have just lowered considerably)
  • We’ve rearranged our kitchen/lounge so the table is by our huge window and now we get lots more light which will be perfect for working from home next week
  • Lunch breaks playing cards with Ol
  • Lots of my friends from the UK are wfh now which means it’s easier to chat without time difference being an issue
  • No commute means I’ve had time to do some pilates in the mornings
  • Some friends came over for an Art Night and we ate good food & chatted while we drew
  • Wandering round my neighbourhood and enjoying the quieter roads
  • Wearing comfy clothes to work in is just great
  • As awful as the overall situation is, I think it’s bringing people closer in so many ways
  • A walk around the nearby lake one lunchtime
  • Voice notes are just great, aren’t they?
  • A special thing my Granny said to me when I called the other night
  • The vegan mud cake at The Eastern & Oriental Tea House
  • I haven’t been wearing make up and my face feels so free!
  • So many individuals / companies are helping out the cause – lots of teaching resources are available, authors are reading books aloud for kids, courses are available online for free, perfume & beer distilleries are making hand gel for those in need. The reason is bad, but the outcome is good. Lots of lovely people are really banding together for the greater good. I hope some of this continues when everything’s back to ‘normal’

Each day, I’m sharing some happy news I’ve seen and things that have made me smile on my instagram stories. Follow me for more!

Most importantly, keep noticing the good things. They might be little compared to this huge, scary thing that’s impacting on us all, but they’re the things we need to remember.

Niobe x

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