Life Happens.

Well, hello. I blinked (and did all sorts of other things) and somehow we’re well into December and I’m sitting in Starbucks with a yule log in front of me, wearing a scarf and listening to Christmas playlists. Whilst this year has been a long and strange one that seems to have lasted an eternity, I can’t quite believe it’s been an entire quarter of a year since I last posted. What happened?! Life happened. Still now, life happens.

This academic term – this quarter of a year – has been full on. I feel like I say that as I near the end of every term, and then I realise that actually, maybe that’s just adult life. I’m hoping and trying to learn the art of living life a bit slower. And I get to the point where I feel I’m good at that, and suddenly overnight it all gets a bit overwhelming again. Still, I’m learning.

Life has required lots of adulting recently. Big things have been achieved, like finishing my journalism diploma and being awarded the highest grade! Covid has continued to be a huge talking point with my loved ones back home, but remained rather minor in its impact within Vietnam (touch wood). I’ve opened up to people. I’ve spent serious time thinking and overthinking about the future. I’ve enjoyed some of Vietnam’s wilder parts. I’ve observed little changes and made big decisions (more on that in another post). I got into running, then stopped. I’m now trying to pick it up again by writing ‘run’ on my weekly planner and usually failing to actually tick it off. Still – the thought is there.

Now, as I approach the end of the term – and, hey, 2021 – the thinking continues. December’s always a reflective time, isn’t it? And I feel like this year it is even more so. Whilst we’ve not all done the things we’d intended to do at the start of the year, I think it’s fair to say we’ve learnt a lot about ourselves and the aspects of life we want and need.

Sitting here, tapping away, pausing to watch the breeze tickle the leaves and take a sip of my smoothie, I’m feeling content. Not with everything about the world. Not with everything about myself. But, I’m content that I’ve written this post. I’ve been unsure as to how to ‘get back into blogging’, but it’s clear now that the only way back into it is to sit and write. Of course it was.

Have a wonderful weekend.

N x

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