May’s Might Do List

I am the queen of to do lists. I use my bullet journal for monthly and daily lists, a lovely Polly Vadasz weekly planner, my Teacher Planner broken down into days, my food planner, Google Keep, Evernote, scrap paper, post its…

You’re right – it’s a bit much. I somehow let lists dictate things a bit. I’m pleased if I can cross things off and if anything remains by the end of day/week, I’m disappointed. But it’s okay, because then I can just add it to some more lists without actually doing the thing. 

I often make to do lists at weekends because working full time, doing freelance writing, a journalism course, running a blog, trying to get better at illustration and photography as well as attempting to get enough sleep and have a good social life means spending a lot of time at the weekend doing these things. I often wake up naturally at 6 on Saturdays and Sundays and can’t get back to sleep because I’m already thinking about everything I *need* to achieve that day.

It’s not a great way to spend those 2 precious days off, so it’s something I want to work on. I’ve read and listened to various blogs, articles, podcasts and interviews and half say you’ve gotta hustle hard to get anywhere you want and the others say you need to love yourself and live slowly. It’s difficult to know what to do!

As I said in my previous post, lockdown has taught me a few things. The first couple of weekends, I made a list, just as I would have done at any weekend. Sure, some of the things on my list were fun things that had no deadline (things like baking, doing some jigsaw, calling a friend), but if they hadn’t been achieved by Sunday evening then I’d be frustrated with myself, which to be completely honest is a bit insane, isn’t it? Surely it’s not just me that’s like this?!

Anyway, I’ve decided something needs to change. I enjoyed the slower pace of life that those weeks in lockdown forced me into. The Simple Things magazine do a monthly ‘could do’ list, full of great seasonal ideas to potentially enjoy in the UK. 

I’m going to take a leaf out of their book and create myself a monthly ‘might do’ list. No pressure, just lovely activities to try. Some specific to me, some based here in Hanoi, others more widespread.

So here we have May’s Might Do List:

  • complete the next 2 modules of my journalism course
  • bake some vegan caramel shortbread or other yummy treats to share at work
  • exercise and get my steps up now I can get out and about
  • make a start on my 2019-2020 scrap book
  • put up a gallery wall in the living room
  • read before bed as many nights as I can
  • keep up the regular chats with friends and family
  • eat and drink al fresco before it gets too hot, supporting my favourite businesses in Hanoi
  • go to a life drawing class
  • sketch what I see
  • get a new jumpsuit for the sunny weather
  • donate some clothes to charity
  • keep the apartment tidy now I’ve Marie Kondo’d
  • learn how to French plait my hair
  • finish making my eco-brick for our whole school project 
  • gather with friends more 

What do you hope to do in May? Perhaps you’re still under lockdown, but what might you try to do at home?

Share your thoughts on this post below.

I’d love to hear from you!

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