My name’s Niobe (ny-oh-bee). I write, draw, photograph, cook and sing my heart out in the car (badly).


I’m a 28 year old falling back in love with the UK after 3 years away.


In the summer of 2021, I returned to the UK after living in Hanoi, Vietnam since 2018. I’m now setting up a new life in Norwich, Norfolk. I have also changed career, jumping from teaching into digital marketing. Join me as I transition into a new place and build a new life!

At weekends, I’m happiest in one of two places: the countryside, or a café. I love the outdoors – walking, running (sometimes), paddle-boarding or simply sitting and taking it all in – but I’m equally happy sipping on a mocha with a book or my laptop and planning the coffee shop I’ll own one day. A girl can dream, hey!

On Niobe etc., you’ll find posts all about my experiences in Asia – the highs and lows of living abroad. I may be back in the UK but I’ve still got stories to share and places to recommend! I’ll be posting about Britain too, since my time away has undoubtedly made me grateful for what’s here at home. Expect cute coffee shop recommendations, where to visit in Norfolk and beyond, and what I’m enjoying about returning to the UK.

This isn’t just a travel blog, though. I share posts full of advice, and sometimes just journal-style musings about life in my twenties, mental health and my efforts to be more sustainable.
My content might not be perfectly focused on one thing, because life isn’t – it’s full of ups and downs. To me, the little things are what’s important: those moments you feel content; the ‘days like this’ that make you feel warm and full. Enjoying a lovely view, a warming brew, time with a good friend, doodling in a sketchbook, munching on a big slab of caramel shortbread or simply feeling alive.
If that sounds good to you, join me and be inspired as I share my ‘days like this’.

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