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I’m Niobe.

A Brit living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

I photograph, draw and write about my life living abroad.

You’ll find features about:
living sustainably and well  
the highs and lows of life abroad
travel itineraries and candid reflections on trips away
my favourite veggie and vegan eats at home, in Hanoi and beyond

Books About Love that I Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or if you’re not interested in that, Happy Sunday! It’s not a day I’m particularly into, but I’ll mark it here anyway. I do love love, in all its complexities, in all its forms. I remember when

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Something to Tell You

I’ve had some news I’ve been meaning to share on here for a little while. As we get closer and closer to the date, I’ve been keen to mention it, but I wanted to do it properly rather than just

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Coffee and a Catch Up 03

Hello from a glorious sunny and blue-skied Hanoi! The grey gloom of January has lifted and it’s tee and sunny-gs weather this weekend. I’m told it won’t last long, so I’m making the most of it this weekend with walks

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