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I’m Niobe.

A Brit living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

I photograph, draw and write about my life living abroad.

You’ll find features about:
living sustainably and well  
the highs and lows of life abroad
travel itineraries and candid reflections on trips away
my favourite veggie and vegan eats at home, in Hanoi and beyond

Life Lessons from My Mum

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some life lessons from my mum: things that she’s taught me as I’ve grown up, explicitly or otherwise. The things that I remember at my low points and the ideas I value. Maybe

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Twenty Eight

March is one of my favourite months of the year. It takes us out of winter and into spring. Thick coats are left at home and lighter jackets picked up. Flowers and blossoms begin to bloom, bringing a bit more

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