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I’m Niobe.

A Brit living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

I photograph, draw and write about my life living abroad.

You’ll find features about:
living sustainably and well  
the highs and lows of life abroad
travel itineraries and candid reflections on trips away
my favourite veggie and vegan eats at home, in Hanoi and beyond

Going Vegan 01: The First Few Weeks

I’m not especially religious, but I’ve always given something up for Lent. It’s just something I do: I enjoy the challenge and it’s become a habit. This year, I decided to try going vegan for Lent. Now it’s Easter Sunday

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My 30 Before 30 List

Last month, I turned 27. I’m in my LATE TWENTIES now?! How did that happen? It only feels like a couple of years ago I was still in my uni house getting ready for my third night out of the

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Keep Smiling

So guys, I’ve got to the end of my first week working from home. I’ve survived, I’ve not gone insane (yet) and I haven’t eaten too many crisps. Yes, there have been tears. Yes, my boyf has irritated me a

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