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As well as my own personal blog, I have written for a variety of other publications, as shown below.

I love to write and create, and am open to further opportunities in feature writing, illustration or photography for online or printed publications or for your business.

I’d also love to hear about opportunities for:

Paid partnerships
Sponsored posts

Please contact me if you are interested at

Writing and photography for a popular review website focused on Hanoi’s thriving cafe culture.

Kadi Cafe 
Essie Tearoom & Bistro

Creating food, travel and lifestyle content based on life as an expat in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Niobe circle

I’m Niobe, a 20-something Brit living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’m travelling (& eating) my way around South East Asia and sharing some of the best bits through articles, photo stories & digital artwork.

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