A Postcard from Cambodia

Warm days, warm nights, warm people. Smiling faces and courteous gestures. Winding through the streets in tuk tuks with 007 at the wheel. Lovely jubbly. A tranquil sunrise shared with hundreds of others: who will take the best shot? A shot of coffee? Someone’s got a license for that. Ancient temples crumbling, yet standing tall, proud and wise. Roots protruding through soil, worthy of comment every time.

A monk, praying. A monk, shopping. Two monks, sharing a tuk tuk, just like us. Days in the sun, reading and relaxing.  A monkey, scavenging in the bin. A monkey, joining me on the terrace. Two monkeys, swinging in the trees. Honest conversations about politics and life. Love, laughter, tears and fears with those that are special. Sunsets over the lapping waves. A smiling moon, or should that be waning? Drivers willing to share their opinions, their concerns, their jokes. A humbling morning at the S21 prison. An emotional afternoon at the Killing Fields. Bracelets and bobbles hanging from a tree: a tiny gesture that stands for so much.

A country once divided, with a haunting history but sunshine smiles. Pain that has been partly healed. Heartache that has been partly overcome. A country has been partly rebuilt, around landmines and politics that limit so much growth. A country trying to embrace its future, despite its tragic past. A country of hope. 

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