September’s Might Do List

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know I like to make a ‘Might Do List‘ at the start of each month. A no pressure, no expectation list of some lovely bits and bobs I’d achieve if this month goes to plan… but without making a plan. Whilst I am trying to get better at managing my time and scheduling my months with a bit more foresight, I’m also keen to make myself remember that it’s okay if not everything gets done. So as well as making a ‘To Do List’ full of things with actual deadlines, actual urgency and actual importance, I like to kick back and take some time to think of what I’d really like to do, if I can, this month…. or maybe next. We’ll see.

So here’s September’s Might Do List

  • 2 more modules of my journalism course
  • publish an article I’ve been working on for Urbanist Hanoi
  • finish couch to 5k
  • digitalise my summer postcard series
  • do some more art ‘just because’
  • support more local cafes (I feel this is a definite)
  • start a new series… it’s been a while
  • read more. I’m aiming for 3 books this month as I’ve fallen off the wagon, but have loads saved on my kindle!
  • stress less, relax more
  • schedule my time better
  • continue eating healthily
  • be more consistent in my sleeping habits
  • continue going to yoga
  • host a painting night with my pals
  • [corona dependent] organise an event I’ve had planned in my head for a while
  • be a bit more adventurous in my cooking
  • plan my October half term – another trip within Vietnam, I’m sure!

Have you ever thought about making a Might Do List? Why not try one for this month? Fill it with things you’d *like* to do, but that aren’t absolutely essential, and pop it somewhere to remind you. Big things like days out, small things like picking up a magazine – cough maybe this month’s The Simple Things that I’m featured in perhaps?!! – whatever you like!

Have a great month 🙂 x

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