Something to Tell You

I’ve had some news I’ve been meaning to share on here for a little while. As we get closer and closer to the date, I’ve been keen to mention it, but I wanted to do it properly rather than just dropping it in somewhere.

This summer, I’m moving back to the UK!

If you don’t know, I’m currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ve lived here for almost 3 years with my boyfriend and we’ve both been teaching at an international school.

We’ve had an incredible time here. Prior to moving here, neither of us had ever visited Asia, never mind Vietnam. Arriving here in early August 2018, in 40+ degree heat, was an assault on the senses. The sights, sounds and smells were a lot, and I went through waves of excitement and nerves in equal measure!

We’ve travelled to and loved parts of the world I had never heard of. I’m so grateful for those opportunities, and I’ll continue to massively hype up these trips! There are so many places in Asia we’d planned to go to too, before covid shut borders. Still, Vietnam had plenty of options for some absolutely incredible staycations.

Two and a half years on, there’s still things I see that surprise me, almost daily. I love that about Hanoi. There’s always something new to see! But recently, Oli and I have been missing that which is more familiar to us. Covid hit and took away our chances of visiting the UK last summer, so it’s been a long while without being home.

Of course, Vietnam is our home too. We’ve settled well, we’ve made friends, and the neighbourhood we’re in now feels like a real community, with staff that recognise me and will wave as we pass in the street. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to make a new home thousands of miles away from where I grew up. But I’m ready to make the move back ‘home home’ now.

I’m ready for the long summer evenings in the sun, and the autumnal walks and snow days in the winter. I’m looking forward to being able to access nature a lot closer than I can in this huge, sprawling city. I’m genuinely excited to go to the supermarket, and see all the new vegan & veggie meat alternatives I’ve heard so much about. Most of all, I’m excited for reunions with my friends. Distanced if needed, but I bloody hope we can have the huge hugs I’ve been missing. 

I now that not all of that will be possible in June and that some restrictions will most likely be in place. But the time will come. 

We’ll probably be leaving in late June, so there are four and a half months left of this adventure. In that time, on my blog and on instagram you can expect more recommendations of my favourite spots in Hanoi and Vietnam, and updates and information about living here. But I’ll also be posting about moving back to the UK, the highs and lows of this big change, and where life will be taking me now. 

It’s like how we felt when we first arrived. Nervousness and excitement come in waves. There’s a lot to navigate over the rest of 2021 – and beyond. I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride! 

Niobe xx

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