Creating Lately: Spread for Hug Magazine

Welcome to my first ‘Creating Lately’ post! I’ll use these to share – you guessed it – some of my recent artwork.

First up is a spread for Fi’s wonderful Hug Magazine, a digital mag focusing on sustainability, the environment and self-care. They’re 3 things I’m super passionate about too, so I am loving being involved with Hug!

Plus, this is my first time my illustrations have been featured in a magazine, so I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.

This piece was for a feature about having a sustainable pamper night. I listed several objects I’d associate with a pamper night, then read the article to see what I’d missed. I then began doodling some of these into my sketchbook before converting them to digital illustrations on Procreate. Here, I was able to resize, alter shapes and play around with layers more easily.

I’d recently completed one of Charly Clements’ skillshare classes in which I learnt about sticking to a limited colour palette. I wanted to use that here, so chose a couple of fairly neutral and pastel shades as well as the brighter orange to stand out against the blue background.

I enjoyed experimenting with different brushes to create textures, such as the mug design and shadows on the nail varnish, candle and slippers.

The final step was then to play around with the layout of the objects so that the piece seemed balanced in terms of how much space was used and which colours appeared. This is one of my favourite parts of designing things like this since you’re able to see so many variations of something you’ve created!

You can read this edition of Hug here.

If you’d like something similar for a magazine or blog post, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

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