Twenty Eight

March is one of my favourite months of the year. It takes us out of winter and into spring. Thick coats are left at home and lighter jackets picked up. Flowers and blossoms begin to bloom, bringing a bit more colour to the world after the greyness that often comes with the earlier month. March is a time of new life, which is quite fitting really, since March also brings my birthday with it.

Last week, I turned twenty eight. My late twenties are here and I’m feeling positive about that. This next year is going to be big. A huge amount of change, not least an international move, but also (hopefully!) a new city, a new job, a new home and new friends to make. With that, of course, comes some loss – it’s bittersweet, and something I’ll write about in the future.

I’m looking forward to what being 28 will bring.

My birthday weekend was a delight. It featured wine, curry, cake and homemade caramel shortbreads- real catalysts for a great time. More importantly, for the first time since living here, I received cards from people back home through the post. In fact, by chance, the parcel containing them all actually arrived on my birthday. Along with the exciting delivery of Mini Eggs – a real March blessing – having several cards from friends and family back home dotted around my apartment here made my heart full!

Add in my Hanoi friends who, thankfully, I was able to celebrate with (a real benefit of life in Vietnam right now!), I was full of smiles, surrounded by words – spoken and written – from people I love.

Post-birthday is often a bit of an anticlimax. This week is tough. I’m very tired and things are pretty full on. Much of this has been brought on by myself: positive steps forward that are mentally demanding but hopefully worthwhile. Steps that will hopefully reap some rewards before I write a post when I hit twenty nine!

I want this year to be one in which I build on what I learnt last year. A lot happened at 27, in the world and within myself.

I’m grateful to be 28, to have done what I have done, achieved what I’ve achieved, learnt what I’ve learnt and enjoyed what I’ve enjoyed.

Let’s see what life lessons 28 has in store, and what joy too!

N x

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